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Freedom to Makeup

Using Makeup. 

So not sure if this is still a major issue in the country, let alone the world. About a decade or so ago, lots of people loved criticizing those who wore or wanted to wear makeup. It usually happened in the stages of teenagerhood. Some would be saying like 'OMG are you wearing makeup?' or 'Girl, why are you wearing makeup?'. And when you look at these questions, it seems like an innocent and normal question but when you combine it with a patronizing tone thats filled with judgment, yeah thats when the problem starts.

It definitely affects certain people and gets them to feel insecure about themselves and they start questioning whether they should wear it or not.

Clarification here, I am not trying to say that everyone should wear makeup. Just that if you want to wear it, wear it. Don't let those petty remarks and questions by others get to you.

It is not as much as a problem as it is back in the days today because makeup is worldwide phenomena now. But there are those that still hate on it for all the wrong reasons. And I just want to address that here.

If you are scared of being judged, stop. Breathe. Gather your thoughts and brace yourself to just overcome that fear. No matter you do, you are going to get judged. So might as well get judged for being yourself.

Next, if you never had interest in it in the first place but suddenly wake up one day and want to try it, go for it. Do not worry. You are not being possessed by an Alien or something. We all evolve everyday. Our interests can change. Do not fear of trying something new or be afraid of it changing you. Putting on some eyeliner and mascara aint going to change your personality. Our minds change most of the time. Its not a crime. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. 

So just be bold and your beautiful self, girls and boys. Men and Women. If makeup makes you feel more confident, do not let the haters get to you. You are in charge of your own body and face. Own it. 


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