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Uses of Facemist

Holla Beautiful People! 

Happy Sunday! 

So many people are still not so sure what exactly are the uses of Facemist but not to worry, after reading this, you shall be a Facemist Sensei! 

Firstly, we start with the obvious use. To refresh your face!!! As soon as you spray them mist to your face, you will immediately freshen up. Don't believe me? Go do it now. Its almost the same as going to the washroom to sprinkle  some water to your face so you can feel more awake except, with the facemist, you are also adding some vitamins and nutrients to your face. Take it for instance, the Miguel&Lawson Rose Facemist, it has aloe vera extract and Vitamin C so you are revitalizing your skin at the same time with some extra nutrients. 

Next, this use is to all human beings of the world. No one can tell me that they have never felt sleepy during a class, on a job or whatever your daily routine is. As said above, the facemist refreshes you. Hence, spray once or twice on your face, and you can awake from your sleepy slumber. The awesome thing is that you just have to bring the bottle wherever you go and take it out when needed. Its handy and fast. Does not require any movement or toilet breaks. 

Moreover, it is used as a makeup base and finisher. This is not compulsory but it is highly recommended. First, spray once before you start putting any makeup on and last, when you've applied your makeup. Putting it before will freshen your face and make it all the more ready for your products and then finishing your daily makeup regime with the spray will boost the radiance of your makeup. Giving a final touchup to your work of art and a finishing glow. 

This goes to say that anytime you want to touch up your makeup at any point of the day, if you spray the mist, it will already do the job for you. It will moisten up your then dull skin. 

Last but not the least, the face mist actually does not require any makeup on. If you simply want to use it on a makeup free face, its benefits does not differ. It will still create the glowing and radiant effect of your natural face. It will basically act as your moisturizer that does not involve you touching your face, further not contaminating your face with hand germs if your not at liberty to wash your hands. 

So these are practically the main basic benefits of the Facemist after research of interviewing people who have used them. You would not regret getting yourself one and having one handy in your handbag. Its a pretty useful product. 

So I bid you all a good day go get them Facemist to add to your face care collection because it will be worth it! 

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